A Word About the Other Guys – Agents

When looking for finding good schools it is easy to want to follow the easy path. Applying to university in the US and elsewhere can seem overwhelming. While it may seem easier to hire someone to do all the work, hiring a true professional will actually benefit you more. To find a qualified consultant, look for their passion and professional standards. Like hiring any professional, you want someone who brings passion to what they do, are knowledgeable about the various admission practices and have a long history in the profession.

There are lots of companies who make all sorts of promises about what they do, what they can do and how they will provide their services.  Universities are aware of the unethical behaviors for companies seeking to “game” the system. So, here are a few things to be aware of when deciding to hire someone to help you:

  • Any company that states they guarantee admission, particularly to Top Universities, is not telling the truth. There are NO guarantees in admission.
  • If a company tells you they will “Do Everything” for you, it is unethical. Universities today want qualified candidates. If the school determines that the work on the application is not yours, you will not be accepted to their school.
  • Universities in the US, Canada and the UK are aware that many agents manufacture (create fake) applications, and they are looking out for them. If the university or college determine you have used an agent who conducts business in an unethical way, you will be rejected or if you have been accepted, they will send you home!
  • Look for companies who belong to associations which require they follow ethical standards such as Independent Educational Consultants Association or the National Association for College Admission Counselors for example.
  • If a company requires you to give them your application password and ID information, you can be certain they are not abiding by ethical standards.
  • Use a company who is looking out for your interests, not a company that just wants to get you “IN” to a university. You will be much happier.
  • Find a company that will help guide you through the process, not do it for you. Applying to university or college overseas is for you, so make it yours!


When applying to university, it is complicated. It is hard work. But if you are doing the work, it is you who gets accepted, not the other guy!

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