Reluctant Hero – What’s Your Story?

Last week my post spoke about the Six Stages of the Reluctant Hero. Hopefully readers were able to apply many life tasks as undertakings of the Hero. One could breakdown life lessons, important or even trivial decisions, as part of the journey. Taking on the job of self-discovery is certainly part of the journey the Hero – a vital part of the process. In this case the applicant, this job is one that many students take hesitantly. But it must be taken. And as with any journey, it is important to map the route one must take. Good planning …

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In Life Are We Reluctant Heroes?

There is no question that life is a complex series of events. Some we create, others are created and still more just happen out of the blue. How we deal with each event in our life obviously depends on our outlook on life. There are times when we are confronted by events, and I would say most of the time, when we reluctantly attempt to address and find success as these events come our way.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference in the US and one of the speakers talked about The Hero’s Journey. I was quite …

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Non Sibi Reprise

The topic of leadership has come up quite a bit lately. From news articles in the New York Times or topics related in the educational magazine The International Educator (TIE) and of course during conversations with parents and students. Colleges and universities have helped promote this buzz surrounding the idea of Leadership recently but as is suggested by the articles and my conversations, it seems the concept of leadership has been skewed and lost in translation. But I will ask you to read one more article from Frank Bruni called It’s OK.

As an educator over the last thirty …

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Non Sibi

When I was asked to write an article about Non Sibi, Latin for Not For Self, my first reaction was that it was impossible. Everyone, in one form or another is really out for him or herself. Now that may seem crass and overly critical, but in some ways it is really true, but not entirely. In many ways culture has moved to the more materialistic than the altruistic of our base nature. Again, a gross generalization, but when I initially thought about the question – I was hard pressed to think of it seriously. But then I received a …

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Developing Curiosity – Intellectually

In previous posts, the topic of Intellectual Curiosity has been mentioned and there is no question this is one of the areas most people may be confused about when it comes to the intricacies of thinking how to effectively engage the breadth of what this may mean.

There are many ways of defining Intellectual Curiosity but for the purposes of this article let’s talk about how to go above and beyond the academic perspective. There is no question that what happens in the classroom is engaging and pertinent. But all to often students see the assignments, lectures and projects as the …

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