Developing Curiosity – Intellectually

In previous posts, the topic of Intellectual Curiosity has been mentioned and there is no question this is one of the areas most people may be confused about when it comes to the intricacies of thinking how to effectively engage the breadth of what this may mean.

There are many ways of defining Intellectual Curiosity but for the purposes of this article let’s talk about how to go above and beyond the academic perspective. There is no question that what happens in the classroom is engaging and pertinent. But all to often students see the assignments, lectures and projects as the …

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Rankings – A Joke or Not

So that is kind of like the Hamlet’s “To be or not to be?” But it does not have to be the question in terms of what Hamlet was contemplating – to live or die. Yet, there are times when it feels, based on conversations I have had with students and their parents that when it comes to school lists – boarding or college, To rank is to “Be,” to not rank is to “Die.” Over the last couple of years, writing for this Blog it should be apparent that, from my perspective ranking in no way represents the quality …

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The Understated Value of Liberal Arts Degrees

Over the last couple of weeks there have been several articles related to how people view Liberal Arts (LA) programs. For the most part, information related to these programs has been fraught with skepticism and concern. However, as more and more students seek education in the US, whether for boarding school or college, understanding the fundamental value of Liberal Arts is a must. And, while there is overwhelming evidence that a LA degree has significant value, there is more and more pressure on students to focus on professional degrees, mostly from parents. The evidence exists and here is a few …

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And Now Some Practical Advice

T’is the season to start the application process, whether you are applying to boarding school or universities. By this time, you should have a pretty clear idea of the schools you are planning to apply to, aside from those elusive test scores need to solidify your goals (notice I don’t use “dream”). Along with the “season” comes many other tasks to be accomplished – school for one (and it should be the #1 priority), preparing for those pesky tests, writing essays, getting teacher recommendations, completing the actual forms and finalizing your list

Here are a couple of things to remember.

As mentioned, …

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The Agony of Essay Mistakes

As an educational consultant and college advisor for the last twenty some odd years one of my main jobs is to read, edit and comment on student’s essays. This is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of my job but it can also be the most frustrating.


When I am working with a student on their essays our first task is to brainstorm ideas – find that one event or several tied events that bring light to a student; information that would otherwise not be found in an application. Once the topic has been decided I send the student off …

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