So, What About That Coalition? An Initial Reaction to the International ACAC Webinar

Having just finished two International ACAC webinars as a panelist on the Coalition, more questions were raised than were answered. While there is concern about the mere existence of a new platform and what it will mean for counselors, students and the overall application process, there seems to be a greater concern about the communication, timing and roll out of the concept.


One of the main reasons the Coalition came together, it has been said, where the concerns about the roll out of the Common Application several years ago, that the Common Application rushed the process and was not completely ready …

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It’s About Testing – Rant to follow

Just the other day Reuters, the news agency, posted an article about SAT and how College Board knowingly recycled tests in China and that, despite increased security measures, even the new Revised SAT will be compromised. Last year, the Chinese version of Newsweek, posted an article about how a reporter was able to purchase online a mechanism that held answers to the TOEFL test. ETS has amazing security, from voice recognition to using students’ photos to identify the test taker.

When the Reuters article broke there was a immediate backlash from counselors around China. Personally, I stated that I was both …

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Decisions, Decisions – The Wait List

Boarding school and university decisions have been coming in of late creating a level joy, worry and sadness. It is a complex time for students seeking admission to a new school no matter where that may be. Along with all the letters that are in a flurry, there also exist feelings of expectation, hopes and dreams. Emotional overload can and does play havoc on all in the application process.

Let’s talk about one set of decisions that create the most curiosity – The Wait List. This is the one reply that leaves every student in limbo – neither good nor bad …

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The Importance of Reading

One of the questions I often ask students is “do you like to read?” and the response I get is “well, if the story is interesting, I will read it” or “I don’t really like to read.” These same students will spend hours upon hours studying/practicing/cramming for TOEFL/SSAT/ SAT and not be readers. Frequently, these same students do not have strong language skills. More importantly, it is these students who want to go to the US to study in either boarding school or university, where, mind you, students will read, read read!

When I was little, in middle school my best …

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The Calm Before the Results

Your hard work is done, the tests taken, the essays written, the interviews conducted and now the anxiety of waiting for the results of all that hard work. Waiting is the hardest part of the application process – no matter what kind of school you are focusing on attending boarding school or university.

The wait… sometimes excruciating! It gets even worse when friends around you have already learned some of their results. I know, sometimes you just want it all to be over – your current school as you look ahead to the excitement of new friends, new campuses. Sometimes you …

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