New Year Ahead

There is a lot to look forward to as we enter 2016. It promises to be a very chaotic year as we consider the upcoming events – The Revised SAT, The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, changes in China regarding international education and the big event, the U.S. Presidential election. While I will not comment on the latter, the other events unfolding deserve comment.

Starting in May of this year, the revised SAT will debut overseas. In the U.S. it will come in March. Many students and their parents are already scrambling to sort out what this will all mean …

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And We’re Off – Again!

School is back, excitement is in the air as classrooms fill, teachers set their expectations for the coming year and then there is this thing called education – in all its manifestations, returns. Ah, school – classes, tests, exams, papers and all that learning to come. The enthusiasm is palpable!

Whether you are just entering high school or looking at the final year, there is a lot to do. One failing of most students is that they think they have time – “oh, I’ll do that (name just about anything: join a club, do a paper, prepare for an exam, write …

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School is Out for Summer… But…

While there has not quite yet been a mass exodus from Beijing of international families from Beijing, most schools are either done with the school year or almost. Summer is HERE!!!! It’s getting hotter, freedom beckons as do summer programs, summer school or whatever you have planned for the next several months. But just because you are not at school does not mean that there aren’t things you need to be doing.

My point is, if you are intending to apply to school next year, especially college you need to be doing a bunch of things to be ready for when …

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Summer School vs Camps: The Other View

The last time I wrote, I talked about the benefits of summer camps so this time I thought I would highlight the upside of summer schools. It is important to point out that whether a student attends summer school or summer camp is a personal choice but one should consider the overall reasoning for attending a program during the summer. Also, it does not matter if a student attends a “top” school’s program. What matters is that the student is focused and learns! It should also be noted that the limited space of the articles prevents a concise perspective, but …

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Camps vs Summer School: Are Traditional Camps Better Than Summer School?

I was pondering this question today when a friend whose family has run a summer camp for the last 40 years contacted me. Thinking about my own experience spanning three summers working in a camp and the myriad possibilities I would say there are unique experiences to be had attending a traditional summer camp.

Students spend approximately 180+/- in school each year. Add in tutoring, training programs, test prep and who knows what, a significant portion of a students life is spent sitting in a chair. Then if they spend their summer in yet another classroom setting most of the …

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