The Chinese Conundrum

Driving to work this morning I was pondering a statement that I often hear when working with Chinese families – “there are too many Chinese students at that school!” As I thought about that and other comments parents say, “it is too competitive” or “I only want my child to go to X” or even “if my child goes to an unknown school how will they be able to come back to China to work?” These and other statements flow along similar lines and the fact of the matter is – Yes! There are lots of Chinese students, everywhere! In …

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What in the World?

I have been sitting staring at my computer for over an hour, well actually several hours, truth be told, trying to figure out what to write about. I have thought about writing about boarding school admissions and then boarding school admissions, and then about hiring an IECA consultant (one of the several organizations I belong to) and many other topics. Just a moment ago I watch a short video on Tip Hero called If You Were Born in the 60’s. 70’s, or 80’s. It came to me – What is the world is wrong?

When I was watching the …

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Coalition of What?

The other day a colleague asked me about my opinion of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success. I found myself feeling like I do when I think of The Donald (Trump), angry and upset. Partly due to the lack of preparation the Coalition put into thinking deeply about the problems with the system – speaking generally about an issue, which is deeply ingrained from lofty heights but unable to truly assess the problem. But more importantly, the completely missed the point of their endeavor – to provide a simple solution access to underserved and underprivileged students. What they have …

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New Year Ahead

There is a lot to look forward to as we enter 2016. It promises to be a very chaotic year as we consider the upcoming events – The Revised SAT, The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, changes in China regarding international education and the big event, the U.S. Presidential election. While I will not comment on the latter, the other events unfolding deserve comment.

Starting in May of this year, the revised SAT will debut overseas. In the U.S. it will come in March. Many students and their parents are already scrambling to sort out what this will all mean …

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And We’re Off – Again!

School is back, excitement is in the air as classrooms fill, teachers set their expectations for the coming year and then there is this thing called education – in all its manifestations, returns. Ah, school – classes, tests, exams, papers and all that learning to come. The enthusiasm is palpable!

Whether you are just entering high school or looking at the final year, there is a lot to do. One failing of most students is that they think they have time – “oh, I’ll do that (name just about anything: join a club, do a paper, prepare for an exam, write …

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