Summer School vs Camps: The Other View

The last time I wrote, I talked about the benefits of summer camps so this time I thought I would highlight the upside of summer schools. It is important to point out that whether a student attends summer school or summer camp is a personal choice but one should consider the overall reasoning for attending a program during the summer. Also, it does not matter if a student attends a “top” school’s program. What matters is that the student is focused and learns! It should also be noted that the limited space of the articles prevents a concise perspective, but …

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Camps vs Summer School: Are Traditional Camps Better Than Summer School?

I was pondering this question today when a friend whose family has run a summer camp for the last 40 years contacted me. Thinking about my own experience spanning three summers working in a camp and the myriad possibilities I would say there are unique experiences to be had attending a traditional summer camp.

Students spend approximately 180+/- in school each year. Add in tutoring, training programs, test prep and who knows what, a significant portion of a students life is spent sitting in a chair. Then if they spend their summer in yet another classroom setting most of the …

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This last week I attended the IECA (Independent Educational Consulting Association) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference, composed of programs, schools and universities as well as independent educational consultants (IEC), was a great forum for professional dialogue about admission and the practices of IECs. As usual, I left inspired and rejuvenated by the job I do. More importantly however, I was constantly reminded about the importance of connecting students to schools and programs that “fit” their educational needs.

Probably the most intriguing presentation was from the President of Goucher College, Maryland, Jose Antonio Bowen. Mr. Bowen has written Teaching Naked: How …

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Should the SAT Be Scrapped?

The popular test is not the best way to gauge the ability of Asian students to succeed at U.S. colleges.
Source: Should the SAT Be Scrapped?

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We Have Come Full Circle – Starting the Application Process Anew

As the end of April looms, students who have completed the application process are now in the final throes of making that last choice on where they will attend school. The end of the application process is here! But just because the decision has been or is about to be made is the work over? Nope, not by a long shot!

There is still much to be done. For some students there is a rumor that once in, high school is over. THAT is very much NOT the case. While an admission to a US does not state – Conditional admission, …

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