Should the SAT Be Scrapped?

The popular test is not the best way to gauge the ability of Asian students to succeed at U.S. colleges.
Source: Should the SAT Be Scrapped?

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We Have Come Full Circle – Starting the Application Process Anew

As the end of April looms, students who have completed the application process are now in the final throes of making that last choice on where they will attend school. The end of the application process is here! But just because the decision has been or is about to be made is the work over? Nope, not by a long shot!

There is still much to be done. For some students there is a rumor that once in, high school is over. THAT is very much NOT the case. While an admission to a US does not state – Conditional admission, …

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Where Are All The Trees – Summer Programs, a Marketing Perspective

This time of the year students are inundated with a plethora of mail from schools, programs, summer programs, and Who’s Who advertisements. Where is the world is all of this coming from and should you take notice?

First of all, if you have taken a standardized test – PSAT, SAT or ACT you may or may not have ticked the box saying Please Allow Schools and Programs to Contact Me. If you did this is one reason why your mailbox – real or virtual is being packed with think envelopes. If you did not, well it is important to be aware …

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The interminable Wait Is Almost Over – Admission Decisions Are Coming

Within the next couple of weeks boarding schools and universities alike will be sending out their decisions. From most of what has been shared most schools, in both categories, have experienced increased numbers in their applications, particularly from China. The long wait for all the hard work from the Fall on applications, essays and testing are about to come to fruition. My fingers are crossed that everyone gets in to the school(s) of their choice.

The reality is that many students will get into a number of institutions, if you did your research well in the first place. Some, usually a …

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The Value of Experience – What’s in a Resume

Sometimes I wonder if students ponder the importance of experience, experience that comes in a variety of forms and permutations. Often I think it is because education provides a very linear platform for students to learn. They take a math class or a science class and they may use math in the social studies course of economics but when it comes to wider connections students get confused missing the overall connections to be made between subjects and how they all relate to the world beyond the classroom.

Making connections is, in some ways what life is all about. I might have …

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