And the World Revolves – Admission Competition

It has been a while since I last posted but that does not mean that I have not been thinking about the admission process to schools- both boarding and university. One of the things I have noticed is that the application process is getting more and more complex. Boarding schools are clamping down on the numbers of students and placing important steps in to the application. Universities are seeing overwhelming numbers of applications from China as well and with this number along with the SAT fiasco, schools are reserving themselves in the decision process. Overall, it appears that this year …

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Winter Doldrums – The Time Between Application and Admission

As the application is winding to a close here are a few things to consider before things get really out of control. Yes, winter is here, motivation is down, applications are due for a month or so, school is feeling like a daily grind and life feels like the icy winds blowing outside. Get a grip! Get back to work and focus.

Here are a few things to get you moving:

Your grades matter particularly if you are in a school with a Semester grading system. How you do this first semester in school is something every school – boarding or university …

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The Sham of Things – Marching Along to A Broken Drum

After another weekend with the SAT and a number of issues that have come up, I have been pondering, well thinking more deeply about the issue of standardized testing. This last weekend as Supervisor for the SAT I had to turn away a student who did not bring a CD player for the Language with Listening test. This basically derailed her ED application.

As I sit here on a Monday morning wondering if the SAT scores from the October SAT will be released and reading through the comments of my peers frustrated over the administration of standardized tests I come back …

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What’s Scary – The Motivation Behind SAT Cheating

With Halloween over one would think that there is nothing left to be afraid of, yet despite the passing of the Holiday of eerie ghosts and goblins, there is a residual effect of these specters. Now you may have packed away the costume, or not believed in creatures from the dead roaming the planet, but I will tell you some scary things. Sadly they are about living human behavior.

In my most recent posts, I have been talking about the devastating affects of the cheating scandal emanating out of Thailand by the Chinese girl and the subsequent other cheaters at other …

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“To Be or Not to Be”

We all have important points in our life when we have to make critical decisions not only about current circumstances but also future endeavors. Applying to boarding school or university is such a benchmark. However, getting to that stage in life, making a choice about ones potential future gets tied up in loads of emotional content: future security and career, vanity and ego, success and failure to name but a few. Often these ideals or lack of them drives the decision-making process, sometimes with less desirable results.

As we enter the season of admissions, students go above and beyond trying to …

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