Get it Done!

The daunting prospect of applying to college/boarding school (if that is what you are planning to do) exists – there is no doubt about it. A lot of the anxiety comes from – “Is any school going to accept me?” Add in the whole process of writing essays – possibly lots of them and we have inertia!

Here’s the deal, if you are applying to school is not easy. For the very first time you are preparing materials for some person, typically unknown to you to evaluate you. Freakishly scary, right? If does not have to be scary at all. But …

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The Importance of Attending School Presentations

Over the last couple of weeks some of you have been asking about attending University/College Presentations (this includes School Fairs or even Education Fairs) when they come to Shanghai or your school. It is vital that you attend all of them!!!!!

1. First of all you will learn first hand about the school from the representatives who work in the admission office. They can answer all of your questions about the school and learn about what kinds of programs they offer.

2. You meet the person who may be reading your application. Introduce yourself and get their business card

3. You might find …

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The Question Why

As students move through the application process, there is often the question – Why do you want to attend this school? Whether boarding school or university, this question comes up more often than not. Let’s take some time to look at what this question is really about and what not to do.

First off, this very simple question usually creates an enormous amount of panic because it is so simple. What are the schools driving at? What do they want to hear? Are they interested in me telling them why they are a good school or something different? Doesn’t my application …

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What’s So Perfect?

Is there really a perfect school? A perfect job? A perfect life? I am sure we could all spend hours debating whether or not these things exist. I often think we, as people spend too much considering the outside manifestations of people we see and deem those things are desirable and thus evidence of perfection. Whether they A+ grades, new fancy cell phones, Ferraris, big houses, important jobs or perfect schools.

The reality is, I believe, that there is nothing truly perfect. But there are things that are certainly great. We can lead happy successful lives, but undoubtedly there will be …

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Back to School

With August comes the start of school. Students attending international schools around China have all pretty much started with the first semester. Students in Chinese schools still have a bit of freedom left before classes pick up again. Whether you have already started or about to start, there are some things you need to keep in mind for the coming year.

Be organized, plan ahead and set reasonable goals to reach. Academically, this semester is important – whether you are planning to apply to university or boarding school. You cannot do much about last years grades at this point, but you …

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