The Importance of Being Honest and Ethical - Developing College Counseling Programs in Your School

With the growth in the number of Chinese students hoping to attend university overseas the most effective way it to develop an in-house, in-school counseling program. Among universities overseas a majority of them are concerned that the information students supply in the application process is not genuine or factual. This is because most Chinese Schools are either unfamiliar with what is needed, or do not have a system in place to provide the required documents. Understanding the nature of the materials necessary, building a library of current information, developing competent staff to provide information and take control of the process is what HGIEC can help your school do.

Every school wants their students to be successful in the next phase of their academic career. While the process maybe mysterious and challenging to the program in your school, taking control is the best way to not only help your students, but to also build and develop your relationship with universities overseas. Don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that your students are applying to universities abroad, help them and build your reputation as a leader in helping your students find the best academic match for their future success.
HGIEC will help you develop, step-by-step an in-house effective collge counseling program. From developing a School Profile to teahing staff how to write letters of recommendation our services can be tailored made to suit your schools specific needs.

With an extensive background in high school counseling programs, Mr. Gregg can help you develop the program you need.

Many schools in China look the other way when it comes to students who want to attend overseas schools. While there are many reasons for this, the inescapable truth is that students are interested in learning in a different environment, a different culture in a different part of the world.
Outside companies are happy to take over the work for your school but if they are not a part of your school you have no control over the information they provide. They may be creating transcripts and letters of recommendation or falsifying information that will affect not only your students but also your schools reputation. Once you have been “black listed” by an overseas school it is very hard to repair the damage.
HGIEC does not come in and take over. We help your school and assigned staff learn effective ways of developing programs in your school to better assist your students and faculty. Through workshops and seminars HGIEC will help your school navigate program development to provide accurate information and develop simple systems to be at the heart of the process.

Colleges and universities around the world expect certain standards of materials. This greatly assists your students to gain admission to top universities around the world. HGIEC can provide the guidance to develop a strong and responsive system.

Transcript Development / School Profile Development / Workshops for Teachers – Letters of Recommendation / Workshops for Counselors or Designated Staff / Database Management Systems / Student and Parent Workshops/Seminars

  1. What Universities Look For in Candidates
  2. How to Apply and the Application Process
  3. How to Research Schools and Programs
  4. Essays Seminars – Effective Essays

Effective Tools – How to find the right information necessary to creating effective applications / Presentations on wide variety of topics related to Overseas Universities / College Library Development /
Effecrive Program Development

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